Bird Nerdery

I like birds. It’s no secret – I usually have 3 bird feeders in the backyard and my morning routine involves coffee and bird watching.  If you know Cameron, you know he’s made fun of my birding habits and used words like ‘old lady’ and ‘nerd’, asking when I’d knit him a scarf – things like that, real grown-up behavior.  Well, it’s funny how things work because now, he is as much of a bird nerd as I am… Getting excited when we see a new bird, trying to get photos of it, watching its habits. In Africa we are both in awe of the amounts of birdlife that flit around – large, small, colorful, plain, walking and flying. Here are a few we have been able to photograph so far:

Kori Bustard – the heaviest flying bird though it doesn’t fly often – mostly its found walking around with it’s nose in the air – quite arrogant looking really.  Amazing to see in flight – huge wingspan!

Red-crested Korhaan- This guy has the best mating dance I’ve seen so far – he flies straight up in the air, starts to drop while doing backflips and looking out of control, plummets towards the ground and then fans his wings to shape a parachute and then lands back on the ground. I’m not sure if their ladies were impressed but we enjoyed it very much!

Woodland kingfisher – Distinct call and vibrant blue feathers with red beak












Gabar Goshawk- saw this in S Africa eating a snake in a tree and saw in Botswana just chilling out at the top of a shepherd tree.












Yellow billed hornbill – all over in Naledi and seen once in a while at tuli
European roller – beautiful blue green colors












White fronted bee eater – such a pretty bird with beautiful colors!













Magpie shrike-












Wattled Starling-












Meve’s Starling –

Author: Keri Chmelik

I love to explore the world with my favorite person... and I'll probably take a few pictures along the way.

2 thoughts on “Bird Nerdery”

  1. I do believe you got your bird nerdery from me….I love them and pushing Dad half way off the bed so I can get a better view at me feeders in the morning is quite a common thing at our house. ( I love them…not so sure Dad feels the
    same) (>:

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