Sandibe – Okavango Delta

As I type this, it’s now Sunday but the wifi connection has been down at Sandibe so I can’t update or post photos.  Tomorrow we leave the Okavango Delta and head back to Maun, then Jo’burg, then headed home.
Apparently Air Botswana isn’t known for their punctuality so we are a little nervous about making our connection in Jo’burg.  When I booked it we had about a 3+hour connection but just before coming here, they moved that flight back nearly 2 hours making our connection very, very tight. Here’s hoping we make it!

Tonight we will take a flat bottom boat out into the Delta waters to see what we can find. This morning we found more hippo than I have ever seen – two pods of  20+ hippo!  I suspect on the boat ride we will see hippo, crocs, birds,  etc.  

Hopefully once we arrive in Maun and we are waiting for the connection I can go to the coffeeshop across the street from the airport and log on.  The locals tell me it’s got wifi and is the place to go when waiting for a plane!  Probably quite literally the only place to go while waiting.

K, time for a beer and a book while on the deck overlooking the reedy marsh in front of me.  Oh and listening to the birds.  Have I mentioned that there is not a silent moment? At any given time there are about 5 different birds singing or chattering or calling. I knew there would be amazing birdlife here but this is crazy.  If only I could ‘can’ these sounds and bring them back with me… Wouldn’t be the same though I suppose.   Cameron has even chimed in now although his contribution to the cacophony sounds more like snoring.

Author: Keri Chmelik

I love to explore the world with my favorite person... and I'll probably take a few pictures along the way.

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