Sue, Steph & Casey – are you there?

Note to Sue, Steph And Casey: if you’re still reading this, we’ve met your friends from Zambia! Guy and Leslie said they were with you for a day at Victoria Falls – what a coincidence! They asked where we had been so far and when I mentioned Naledi they said they’d met some people – 3 ladies -who had just been there so I instantly knew it had to be you since your next stop was Vic Falls.  fancy that!  Hope you’ve been having a fantastic time with lots of laughs – I know we miss your senses of humor and all the fun!

Author: Keri Chmelik

I love to explore the world with my favorite person... and I'll probably take a few pictures along the way.

One thought on “Sue, Steph & Casey – are you there?”

  1. Yes – we certainly are still here. We absolutely loved reading your blog. When we were staying in Zambia, we’d check for an update every morning at breakfast! Your photographs are amazing!!

    Guy and Leslie – what a coincidence. They were on the boat with us when we had our near death experience (flOwing down the Zambezi, out of control, with a flooded motor, heading straight for the falls – ahhh – we were ready to jump out and swim with the crocodiles!!).

    We arrived home on Sunday. We have been reminiscing about the hilarious game drives we had with you. Cameron speaking sternly to us at the hippos is a favorite!

    Merry Christmas! And we wish you both a very happy 2012!

    We are looking forward to visiting you in Texas – ready for the swimming pool :)!

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