Harare Zimbabwe, December 2016

Hey guys!  Not sure who’s checking this out but I wanted to start writing some things down before I forget.

So, we’re back in Harare for the 3rd time and it’s really feeling like a home away from home. Cameron loves it here – as we’re driving up and down Borrowdale Rd (which seems like that’s the only road we know and the only one we need for now) he’ll just randomly say ‘have I said how much I like it here?’ to which I’ll reply ‘Yes’ but it’s good to know nonetheless.

It’s the rainy season now and it’s living up to the expectations this year after last years drought. As I write this at 10:48 pm, the rain is coming down like a monsoon outside.  Happy to know the crops will grow and the people will have maize to eat this year.

As for service so far, wow.  We haven’t been on a normal schedule yet with the jet lag, the moving from place to place, the rains, etc but despite all that, we’ve had some very cool service experiences already. Today, Cameron went on some RV’s with his group while I did PLD (cart witnessing for us americans) and he found a bible study for me.  He had gone to do two calls that were just a couple houses apart and when they didn’t find those calls at home and started to walk away, a woman from the house in between (that they didn’t go to) came out and asked why they didn’t come to her house.  She asked what they were doing so Cameron used the Teach the Truth presentation for this month about who caused Job’s suffering. She said right away that God didn’t cause it and was happy to see the verse that proved her right. Then he showed her the Why Study the Bible video and she was loving it.  At the end when the video asks if they’d like to learn more about the Bible she said Yes! and asked when they could come back.  She was busy tomorrow and we go out of town on Friday but as soon as I get back from South Africa next week, I’m going to go study with her.  Can’t wait!

Earlier this week, on Monday, we went to the rurals and found a family that I think could be a great study – for the Dad, Mom and teenage son!  We started talking to the son, the Mom came a few minutes later (she had been next door and watched part of the Why Study the Bible video I was showing her neighbor) and brought chairs outside for us to sit in so we’d be more comfortable.  As the video finished, the Dad came back and told us he had a book.  He went and got it from inside their home and it was the Bible Teach book.  He said he’d gotten it from a PLD (cart) somewhere in Zimbabwe and he loved it.  He’s read it all and always has it with him.  He works for the National Parks of Zimbabwe and so he’s often out in very remote rural areas as a National Park worker but he’s home for the holiday season now.  I asked him what he liked from from book or what he’s learned from it and he said he liked the parts about making family life happier and that he’s a better husband, she’s a better wife and they’re already happier because of what they’ve learned.  He’s going to be a tricky one since he works so far out in the middle of nowhere but we’ll definitely follow up with the wife and teenage son who live outside Harare.

I think we’ve barely scratched the surface but it’s been amazing even just so far. Totally worth the effort to be here!

The thunderstorm has knocked out the power so I’ll save this copy and post it later when I have power and wifi back.  🙂 I’ll also try to post some pictures so you can kind of see what we’re seeing.

Be well and hope to hear from you!

Author: Keri Chmelik

I love to explore the world with my favorite person... and I'll probably take a few pictures along the way.

2 thoughts on “Harare Zimbabwe, December 2016”

  1. It sounds like you are having an amazing experience! So glad that you and Cameron are able to do this. Miss you though! Love, Mom

  2. Thanks for the update. I’m sharing all this with the car group I’m in. So jealous. Would love to be able to share in such a wonderful experience of telling people about Jehovah who are longing and searching for the truth. Keep the experiences coming in. I will have to live vicariously thru you guys. Love you!

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